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2. British Royalty


Because of the constant immersion in Fairy Tales, or the anesthesia to escape from reality, virtually every kid who is under 10 all have the dream to be a princess or a prince. However, as they grow older, their dreams will be brutally murdered by the fact that imperialism is over. 

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1. British Fashion


London, as one of the four destinations of world fashion week, has captivated the world with it’s rebellious fashion. In my opinion, there are two sides of British Fashion, one is the more traditional, and conventional type which is descended from hundreds of years ago; the other one is the more edgy, and daring type from the new generation of Londoners.

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British Invasion!


Maybe it’s the gloomy weather in Wuhan, or the fun ANTM Cycle 18 which I just finished watching, or the fabulous Burberry Prorsum collection, I feel like I am becoming a Brit. However, I have to say, the huge cultural impact Britain has have taken over the world in an amazing speed. 

In 2000, when we say a cultural Superpower, all we can think of is the indisputable mega-power - USA. Their unique and capitative culture has reigned the world for over 100 years. However, nowadays, when we count the world’s cultural capital, another nation has manifested in front of the public. Of course, the british culture! Their clothes, their tea, their manner, their accent are all so cute and exotic.

So, for the next few days, I will dissect British culture step by step, and explain why this culture is so appealing to everyone.


Sophie Sumner - The pinky muse


I am an English rose, from my head to toes,

and you’ll never forget me”

                      ———- Lyrics from Sophie Sumner’s single “Aiming for you”

You’re right girl, after I watched ANTM Cycle 18 again, I can never forget this sweet British gal - Sophie Sumner. In my opinion, there were supposed to be a bunch of bootylicious super-models in the world, but now, I can think nothing but this pink-haired girl; it’s like a computer virus, I have dominated by the attractiveness of Sophie Sumner!

This ordinary Oxford girl was once a low self-esteemed quirky girl in school who got bullied a lot because of her height and her look. However, choosing to be a model and exposes herself with all the other weirder, high fashion girls, she transformed into this bright “illuminata” in the modeling industry. 

With the pinky hair and a constant smile, she can really stand out in a crowd. Therefore, she actually stood out from all the ANTM cycle 18’s contestants, and crowned “the first British model who wins ANTM”. 

This big triumphant has opened her work to the American market, she keeps on pursuing her modeling dream after she got her face in the spread of Italian Vogue. Meanwhile, she broaden her career to be a hostess of some interesting online shows on Youtude. Go check them out, I just couldn’t get enough, so I just kept watching this whole afternoon!!

Right now, I am totally “hungover” by Sophie’s bright personalities, and her adorable English accent!! I will keep on indulge myself with more fabulous photoshoots of my little Sophie on Google, here are some of the good shots I absolutely love from Sophie! You just made my day!



Sophie looks chic in Black and White!


Sophie from ANTM cycle 18! Daring shoot but very successful!


Sophie’s summer look, it’s always not a bad choice to match short jeans with a pair of converse. At least that’s what I did, too…

Alexander is back!

Because of my studying in high school, I have to pause my blogging for a while and focus on my senior year. Now the first semester is finally over, I can go back to tumblr and keep building my website. This 5 months of school is… what can I say… a hell of a mess, the toughness of academic courses, and the pressure of university application are so nerve-wracking. 

But, despite on all that bullshit, now I finished my final exams, the next two months which are the winter break will be a fantastic ride. I have even planned out everyday’s schedule thoughtfully just to make sure it will be a relaxing and rewarding vacation. 

It is the first day of the long winter break, I expect my body would automatically slow down the pace, but I still woke up pretty early like usual. I’d rather do more chores than crawling in bed and do nothing. Merely a different attitude towards life.

My friends and family always know I am a super-organized person, I like to plan things ahead of the present because I hate the feeling of losing grip and being too spontaneous. Thus, I have also a clear objective towards this tumblr. As always, it’s going to be a place for me to express my quirky opinions and whimsical ideas; but more importantly I want you guys to get to know me, and probably make friends with me. 

Hence, I will completely stripped down my shells, and open my heart for my readers.

I will hold nothing back.

Video Music Award (VMA) is always one of my three celebrating award ceremonies, (other two are Grammy, and Oscar). Every year at the tail of August, my whole family would hold up the projector, waiting for this one day to come, and watching it live cast from the red carpet all the way to the very end.

Speak of the start and encore, we have 2 major, mega, super, divas — Gaga & Katy. This feud between these two stars are still heating till today. According to the seats, it seems they are sitting together this evening, I wonder what will happen between them. Hope everything will be okay;)

Honestly, I love both Katy and Gaga, they all shine through their own way, (though I love gaga more). Even gaga said on the radio show, she doesn’t care about how people is judging her and Katy, and even leads to fanwar. I personally hate to see this happen as well. People nowadays love to compare, but it’s really means nothing!!! I’m looking forward to their premiere show at the very start and the end of tonight! Werk those two wonderful songs!

Another big thing are Selena and Miley, they both start their way from Disney, but now they are two sexys, and grown-ups. Their recognizable music achievement has been also nominated on VMA. I genuinely hope one of them can take away a moonman, it’s the honor of their new generation, and will definitely inspire new young artist to shine.

The last but certainly not least, Lana!!! She nominated two awards tonight. However, seemingly she will not be here tonight. Her music, her vision of art is ssssooo unique and artistic. Especially her music videos, they are undeniably awesome, I mean each one of them are pure gorgeous and high-classed. I hope VMA can give her at least one moonman to praise her to keep on doing it. 

Okay, let’s wait for tonight’s surprisingly awesome show!

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